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J.R. Smith

Head Instructor – Taekwondo Program

Head Instructor – Women’s Empowerment Program

He is the newphew of 9th Dan Kukkiwon Grandmaster Young Seon Seo and 8th Dan Kukkiwon Grandmaster Brenda Seo. J.R. joined the C.I.T. program (Certified Instructor Program), assisting in classes full time under his cousin, 6th Dan Kukkiwon Master Joseph Seo in 2014. The C.I.T. program was created to certify instructors to teach Taekwondo within the United Taekwondo Association.

In April of 2016, J.R. tested and earned his 1st Dan under Master Shane Seo. J.R. also, progressed and graduated from the C.I.T. program and was certified as a Instructor in the same month.  He went on to take over Master Joseph Seo’s Taekwondo school in December 2017.

In October of 2019, J.R. tested and earned his 2nd Dan, under Grandmaster Young Seon Seo.

J.R. taught and trained at his school until COVID-19 shut the country down in March of 2020. He then brought his taekwondo program to Brunson Martial Arts in April of 2021.

Under the new BMA banner, J.R. took on the Head Instructor Title, and was tested and promoted to 3rd Dan in July of 2022 by Grandmaster Brenda Seo and Grandmaster Young Seon Seo.


  • 1st Dan UTA 2016
  • 1st Dan MAU 2016
  • 1st Dan Moodukkwan 2016
  • 1st Dan Kukkiwon 2016
  • 2nd Dan UTA 2019
  • 2nd Dan MAU 2019
  • 2nd Dan Moodukkwan 2019
  • 2nd Dan Kukkiwon 2022
  • 3rd Dan UTA 2022
  • 3rd Dan Moodukkwan 2022