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Derek Thornton

Derek Thornton began his martial arts journey in 2003 at a local TaeKwonDo school. In August 2006, he started his training at BMA.

After 3 years of training and earning his brown belt, Derek moved to Nashville, Tn. to pursue a degree in Theology. While living in Nashville, Derek visited several martial arts schools to find a place to continue training. Every chance Derek came home he would set aside a day or two to train at his home dojo here at BMA. After 7 years in Nashville and graduating college with a Masters in Theology, Derek moved back to Albany and became a leading instructor at BMA.

Ranks/Titles earned

  • Shodan 2012
  • Nidan 2014
  • Sandan 2016
  • Yondan 2020
  • Renshi title 2021